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Maldives Local Island Education Life

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During my world tour trip,I have been in Maldives since 17 of March and in Kulhuffudushi island since 20 of March.

I was randomly traveling around local islands in Maldives because I was so wondering how they are living, what type of life conditions do they have, what do they do their daily rouitune, etc. Afterward, I came up in Kulhufudishi island where 750 km Northern of capital Male. I was extremely happy because of my first big touched to local people. I spent almost 2 weeks in this island and met too many local people. Teacher Hareesha that I met my couch house,heard my world tour trip story and invited me to his class to present small travel class.

First of all I would like to thank Hareesha who is a tourism teacher invited me to his school for addressing students.

It was an amazing experince being with young minds that I shared my experiences and point of view about tourism and travel. If my address to them touched their heart and inspired, my visit to the school will be worth.

Ps; Education system of Maldives,

Their school schedule between Sunday to Thursday. Friday and Saturday holiday. The school begins 6.45 a.m. till 12.55 p.m. but this is the school that I have been.It might be different other schools. Every school has prayer room besides they have to keep their shoes outside of the class to keep classroom clean. Mostly all female students use head scarf. They start to learn English from nursery that’s why you are able see to English board everywhere in the school. They even have smart board which touch sensitive are install in the classroom.

By the way it was a public school, the teaching faculty from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Japan, etc. Some of the teachers are volunteers. Prior to my arrival to Maldives, I was not expecting that much infrastructure in such isolated island. They also follow Cambridge International syllabus.

You may watch the video from the presentation


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